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You have just taken the first big step towards your own natural health products business. A business that has the potential to change your life in very exciting and rewarding ways.

Only you know what goals you have and what are important to you, perhaps just making an extra $500 a month or earning $10,000 or $20,000 or more each month, maybe working part-time or working from home is important. 

All is possible and we will work together to achieve your goals.  Step by step.


Being part of the fast growing and most dynamic industry in the world is now open to you. The CBD product market has exploded. CBD products can now be found on the shelves of top retailers, individual shops and online. The market size is predicted to top $20 Billion by 2024, according to Forbes and other researchers, but this is only the start! 

What is CBD? Learn More


​We believe that the best business models create absolute Win-Win situations, to that end we have created and constantly improve on a business opportunity that allows easy entry, high rewards and the pleasure of being in an industry that we can be proud of. 


We will work with you to create your particular game plan. We will build on your strengths and develop areas in which you may need more help. 




World Canna Health, a leader in cannabinoid business and education,

has developed a turn-key CBD and natural health business opportunity

known as MioSantéUSA. Mio (pronounced Mee-O) means My and Santé

means health.

World Canna Health has worked with CBD business owners around the

world and over the years, we have learned why people fail and what

steps have led to their success.

MioSantéUSA combines the CBD from the finest US grown hemp, along

with other natural supplements to create the most Advanced Health

Products available on the market.

MioSantéUSA  products are formulated by leading doctors, scientists, and

researchers. Professionals who understand what works, why it works and how products work together to create the most amazing health benefits.

MioSantéUSA products, unlike any others on the market are formulated based on the research of the experts from the World Canna Health team of advisers. 




There are many ways to get started as a distributor, which right for you? Maybe all of them. Your past experiences and future goals will guide you to the plan that makes the most sense for you.  Schedule a no-obligation introductory call to determine how you can profit from the growing MioSantéUSA opportunity.

This is a standalone opportunity with full training to build your business, this is NOT  MLM or Network Marketing.   

Our system brings a selected few and most popular items to the market. Products that work and do not overlap or cause unnecessary inventory issues. Products that people want and will use regularly. 


  • 1000mg Tinctures

  • 1000mg Salve

  • Transdermal Patch

  • Gummies

  • Smokable CBD pre-rolls

  • Dog Treats







We know that one size does not fill all. Your needs and abilities are unique. Together we will create a plan that is most effective for you, your goals and your abilities and time constraints. 

OnlineWe will create a turnkey website pre-populated with MioSantéUSA products and information.

Store Front:  Open your own turnkey store with the finest CBD and other health products on the market and get the training you need to operate your business and turn a profit.

Wholesale:  Add MioSantéUSA  products to your current store, spa/health club or practice.

Distributorship: Wholesale direct to local retailers, medical offices, health stores, health clubs, Spas and more. Provide private labeling for your customers. Your local stores want CBD products, they should be getting them from you!

Private Label: Quickly establish your own line of products. We can place your brand labels on our custom formula products. In-house label design. 

Direct Sales:  Sell products from home with our turnkey process.

Can you make money? The average retail price for a quality bottle of 1000mg CBD Tincture is about $100. The MioSanté 1000mg Tincture retails for $99. Your cost as a qualified partner is $28.77!  So, YES! you will make money. 


We know that success is much harder without proper training and mentorship. World Canna Health is dedicated to helping you succeed by ongoing health, product and business training via group and individual calls. You will also become a certified Master Cannabinologist®. 

Specific training targeting your needs:

  • Business entity set-up

  • Banking

  • Website

  • Marketing

  • Local distribution 

  • Sales development

  • Product and medical training

  • And More!


Most standalone CBD businesses require tens of thousands of dollars to enter, that puts you immediately in a precarious financial situation as most of that investment is only buys you the right use their name.

We do ask you to make an investment, but only in yourself. You will start by buying and using a product or two at wholesale. Don’t become a partner unless you love the product!

Once you have tried and fallen in love with the products, you can start your business. Try the products, buy a sample pack at the distributor cost and if you don't see the value of the products for yourself, ask for a full refund within 30 days, we will promptly refund the cost less shipping.

Ready to order a onetime 3 item test pack at distributor cost, click here

As you start your your business, expect to invest between $500-$1000 in website, Cannabinologist® Training, business setup and products to keep on hand. You do not need to hold too many products but should hold some for direct sales. Online sales can be shipped for you. Even though the cost of entry is low compared to other similar businesses, we can help with financing for serious and qualified partners.

Are you ready to discuss further?

Contact me direct today at 1-833-432-CANNA (1-833-432-2662 ext. 801) or by email and start the next step in your future. Should the call go to my voicemail, please leave me your contact number and the best time to call.

Your Partner in Success,



David Lal



World Canna Health


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