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Training 03 -  Business Cards / Phones

Business cards


Your business card is an inexpensive, convenient, time-tested way for customers to know who you are. Make sure you always have yours with you; that they are clear, concise, and attractive; and that you hand one to everyone you meet. A handshake should be accompanied by your business card.


A template for the MioSantéUSA Authorized Distributor business card can be found on the download section. You can use a local printer or a big box printer like Office Depot or Staples or online sources like

Order utilities, phone, internet


Again, these may not be built into the lease, and you will need them. Explore the cost differences for your needs:


Telephone and Internet providers:    AT&T, Comcast Business or other regional providers. Can be bundled with the internet above or try internet-based phone services like FreedomVoice or Ring Central.


Virtual phone and fax:           Virtual phone services are available and easy to set up. The numbers can track either you or your staff. Do an internet search for virtual phone systems to find vendors.


And remember it can take two weeks to a month for this process to be completed.



You will need to setup your email account. You may sign up to use a MioSantéUSA email, for yourself and your staff or you may purchase your own domain and set up your accounts to reflect the DBA that you may be using. Where possible, a dot com address is preferable to others. To convey professionalism to your clients, you should not use a free or generic email service, such as Yahoo or Gmail for your incoming email.


Your email is a strong reminder to your customers of who are and what you do. Your email should clearly define your business and the fact that you ARE a business.

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