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Training 05 -  Insurance



This insurance is required to protect your office, your landlord, the Company and YOU.


The insurance you will most likely need is general business liability to cover your office and workers compensation if you have employees. The general liability insurance should be for at least One Million Dollars and list the company as additionally insured. The Company must all also be listed as Additionally insured on your auto policy for the vehicle you will use for business. The name for additionally insured should read as follows:


Essential Capital Solutions, Inc.

dba MioSantéUSA and World Canna Health

2030 Union Street, 206L

San Francisco, CA 94123


You can shop around for best rates by calling insurance brokers that you currently use.


The cost for this type of policy is minimal, a few hundred dollars a year.


If you are NOT manufacturing product and only retailing, you WILL NOT need product liability insurance, which can be expensive. Discuss this with your insurance agent.


Local Licensing and Code Requirements


You must comply with all local, state and federal regulations regarding both operations and the industry overall. Keeping licenses current is your responsibility.


Here are some registrations you have to be aware of if you have a store front:


County government may require an occupational license.

Local government may require a safety inspection, and a floor plan.

They may all require public display of licenses and capacity.

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