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Training 07 -  Working Capital

Working Capital


An extremely important component of successfully opening and operating your business is funding. After you have thought through your budget you need to get your business funding in place. It is important to have the money you need to open your doors and keep your business running as build your clientele.


There many ways to fund your business, lets explore some of them.


1:  Your own funds  - You may already have enough savings to fund your business. Using your own money to start your business shows a great level of commitment to investors and lenders later when they know you are fully invested in your business. If you don’t have faith in your business, it’s hard to convince others of your commitment and faith in your dream. 


  • Personal money can come in the source of money in your savings, stock or bonds that you hold.


  • Assets that you can sell, sometimes just putting unused belongings in your garage and closet on craigslist or ebay may get you started.


2:  Personal Loans – Many private companies are happy to make personal loans for any reason if you have average or better credit. You can start with your own bank or just search on the internet for Personal Loans. Other sources include:



3: Equity/Partners – Bring in investors. You may have friends and family who are equally passionate and belief in the CBD opportunity and they may want to be a partner. Some may be interested as active partners and work with you day to day others may want to remain on the sidelines as silent partners. Share your passion with them and see if they are interested in your business opportunity.


4: Bank Business / SBA loans – These types of loans for a startup, though not impossible can be very difficult. Most business loans and SBA loans will want to see 2 years of a track record. 

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