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Training 09 -  

Sales Staff – Your sales staff must possess the following traits:

  • Willingness to learn the business, and the industry

  • Willingness to deal directly with customers, even (at times) difficult customers; being approachable and using good listening skills

  • Willingness to work successfully alongside the rest of the staff

  • Willingness to recognize that their personal success is tied to the success of the Shop’s

  • The Sales Team is the key to your success. They are the ones that reach and sell our systems.


Inside Sales Staff should be hourly plus commission and bonus.

Commissioned outside wholesale salespersons come and go, it’s difficult to hold on to commissioned salespeople unless they are quickly making money. Based on your resources, may want to institute a forgivable draw for a few months to allow your sales people to get up and running. As a matter of policy, you should always be recruiting salespeople and Brand Ambassadors.


Hiring Salespeople

Initially all your sales will be handled by you. As you grow, you will explore expanding your sales via sales people. If you have hired or managed a sales team before, you know that the process is full of positives and negatives.

Salespeople can certainly explode your business but at a cost. When you feel the time is right to begin hiring full-time sales, please discuss your situation with the Company to develop a clear path that is best for you and your business.  

Your budget will tell you if can provide a base salary plus commission, a draw plus commission, forgivable draw plus commission or commission only. 

Compensation Types:     

Base Salary + Commission:       Fixed salary plus earned commissions


Draw + Commissions:    A fixed advance deducted from future commissions.


Forgivable draw + Commissions:   The draw is forgiven at the end of each month if commissions are not enough to cover the draw. This type of compensation is usually given to allow a sales person to get started and develop a pipeline. It may be provided for only a few months and then transition to commission only.


Commission Only:      No salary or draw

When you are in the hiring sales people mode, attracting them is a constant task, always be on the lookout for talented full-time sales people and or part-time sales people who can be lead generators for you.

You may encounter talented and charming sales people or customer service representatives in places you do business. Let them know that they impressed you, hand them your business card invite them to call you if they should be interested in the growing CBD industry.

Once you have determined how you will compensate your sales staff, you can begin placing ads on craigslist and other job forums like Indeed.  Use Facebook and other types social media to draw attention to the fact that you are hiring.

Utilizing part-time sales support can be the most advantageous in the early days. Part-timers may be more inclined to work on commission and not be too reliant on a salary.

Great part-timers can students, retirees and full-time employees elsewhere who are looking to supplement their income potential.


Part-timers that are actively involved in local clubs, charities and community at large can bring their contacts into the fold.


Sales people can be utilized in many ways:


In Store Sales Staff  -  Serve walk in traffic. Follow up on past customers on the phone.


Out Side Sales Force  -  Call on partners who will carry your supply. A talented store ambassador can wholesale for you to local business partners, such as Doctor’s Offices chiropractors, Natural Healing, Plastic Surgeons (as a CBD prep to get ready for surgery). Local health spa’s and Gyms, Massage Therapists, Personal Health Trainers, Health Stores, Pet Stores and Veterinarians. You can think of many more,  

CBD Party – Some people are just to social and it would be waste to utilize their contacts and outgoing personality. Ever hear of a Tupperware Party? Let me introduce you to the MioSantéUSA Party. 

Educational Training – Setting up training events at local libraries, churches, senior centers can be done on a rotating basis. Once people hear the facts, they will want to try CBD.

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