Bubba Kush CBD pre-roll 1gram

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The MioSanté Gigi Joint -

Let your troubles float away with this Indica-dominant CBD pre-roll made from the legendary CBD strain Bubba Kush.

Those who use Bubba Kush frequently tend to swear by it and it has a worldwide following due to its reputation for delivering an instant and powerful wave of relaxation.

It’s a great option to smoke at the end of the day or before bed and it’s known to help with chronic pain and insomnia. Smoking Bubba Kush is a rich sensory experience due to its deep, earthy aroma and sweet, fruity flavor hits.

11.26% CBD | 14.29% Total Cannabinoids | Indica-dominant | Terpene profile: Peppery, citrus, herbal

  • Pure bud and NO trim/shake
  • Preserved in air-tight tubes
  • 100% high-quality CBD hemp flower
  • Less than 0.3% delta9 THC
  • Lab-tested for purity and compliance
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